Family House @ Angang, Gyeongju


2019 경주시건축상 수상작

Three different types of yards are connected.
The courtyard used by Grandpa , the new yard at the entrance, and the void deck between the two.
Since it’s a house many family events are held, client wanted wide semi-external space.
The space is planned between the courtyard and the new yard.
The dining room is connected to the void deck where the whole family can gather to talk about the past and the present.
The southern interior spaces share three separate, time-consuming yards together.

Location : Gyeongju-si, Republic of Korea
Site Area : 447㎡
Constructed Area : 129㎡
Constructed year : 2018
Type : Residential
Photographs : Choi Yong June
Client : Private

by PLANO architects & associates